A Woman of the People

Ward 7 needs a leader who knows the people,
can correctly advocate for our wants and needs,
and wants to see us move in a positive direction.

All About Rebecca

Ward 7, 15 year resident.

Hello! I am Rebecca J. Morris and I was born in Washington, DC. I spent my early childhood years in Reston, Virginia and moved to Washington, DC during my teen and adult years. I am a graduate of Washington, Mathematics, Science and Technology Public Charter High School in Washington, DC and the University of District of the Columbia.

I am currently a Ward 7 business owner and work in hospitality. I am the voice that best represents the average working class citizen in Ward 7.

We often have people who represent our voice and struggles who have never even been in our shoes. We have many politicians who run for office in our area and use us a career boost. They win and we are left in the same position in which we began.

Ward 7 Issues

There are many things I would love to address in Ward 7. We deserve to live in the best environment. We as a community can have better. I have seen the

Housing is slowly becoming more unaffordable
Add more mental health programs
Promote Entrepreneurship from Ward 7 Businesses
Food Health Education

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Contact Me

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