The Issues

What are you going to do about housing in D.C?

According to the census report, the average income in Ward 7 is $25,000. We should have housing that reflects that. The mayor recently signed a plan with housing developers that they must require that some of the units in new developments are dedicated to affordable housing. Those units are not always "affordable" within the communities that they are built.

How will you address violence in Ward 7?

Mental Health: Mental illness and traumatic experiences are all too common in our community yet support groups are lacking. Energy does not die, but it is often transferred. It transfers in anger towards others, violence, and bad decisions that heavily affects our community. By putting our energy into fixing ourselves mentally with mental health programs and support groups, crimes would dramatically decrease.

Food Educations: According to a Harvard University Study, food that we consume is best known to determine our moods, behavior, and health. Those who lives in Ward 7 often have kitchen table talk about our food quality in the local grocery stores and how it is not the same as it is in other locations in DC. We should not have to travel far and wide for decent food, and should hold companies accountable.

Harvard Study:

What are some things you believe will help our community?

We need to maximize on the strengths of our community.  Many of us in our community do not have a side hustle.  I would love to emphasize business programs in our community, and create spaces for local small businesses to be supported.